Everything you need for your product or project to shine, ASAP.

Due to my wide experience, I can offer services in a number of related areas around business analysis, product ownership, project management, and UX design.

What I can help you with

A lot, really. I’m very versatile, an end-to-end get-it-done person, so you can rely on me for a number of things. Let’s see.

  • Analysis: Talking to users, stakeholders, clients, customers, get their story out and learn what really matters; and communicate the results clearly and concisely.
  • Design: Coming up with a workflow, a process, a tool or combination of tools, that will effectively solve the problem. I usually make prototypes to show you exactly what the solution does and how it looks.
  • Planning & management:┬áOrganizing product backlogs and processes, implementing a sane planning and keeping everyone on the same page, including stakeholders of course.
  • Communication: Besides being super-responsive, I’ll document things clearly, I can visualize complicated things, formally address stakeholders, write solid copy for your app or site, host workshops, present results to an audience, you name it.

I’m also have experience as a Certified Scrum Master and Product Owner, and with traditional project management. Let me pull your project and you’ll see the sparks fly.

Since I’m also very familiar with technology, having been a developer for years, and having talked to business people for years too, I can easily translate business requirements to design details and down to technical specs.

Suitable roles

Here are few roles to clarify in what capacity I can help you.

  • Product Owner – I’m very organized, love to keep stakeholders happy, can talk with developers and stakeholders alike, and know how to align the two sides.
  • Project Manager – I’m very organized, always keep oversight, very driven to get things done and get it done right, love to work with teams and stakeholders.
  • Technical Consultant – With my deep understanding of technology, I can guide (new) clients to solutions and collaborate with technical specialists to solve problems.
  • Business Analyst – I can work with stakeholders, clients, users, get clarity on all requirements and organize them to help others build great solutions.
  • UX Designer – with an emphasis on working with users, interaction design and UX writing. Very eager to learn and deliver great experiences.

Sound good? Let’s talk!

I’d love to have a chat to see how we can make things better for you! Please find my contact details below.