15+ years of

making a difference.

In recent years, I've been focused mostly on product ownership, project management, service management and UX. Before that, I've been designing and building sites and web applications for many years, for employers, clients and myself. You can find a selection of that work here.

Survey design tool

Context Old survey tool was poorly built, couldn't be launched for use, confused users
Action Conducted user research and completely redesigned survey design tool
Result Dramatically improved workflow efficiency with intuitive, well-organized interface; users very enthusiastic
Process Fully functional prototype was built in Axure.


Admin for survey products

Context Product managers needed to standardize survey modules/questions
Action Conducted user research and created module/product management tool
Result Product managers can efficiently manage products, ensuring content standardization and re-use
Process Fully functional prototype was built in Axure


Data processing tool

Context Complex data processing tool wasn't easy enough to use
Action Conducted user research and completely redesigned data processing tool
Result Dramatically improved workflow efficiency with intuitive, well-organized interface; users very enthusiastic
Process Fully functional prototype was built in Axure


GDPR request form

Context GDPR implementation required GfK to handle incoming requests
Action Designed an easy to use, multi-step form to handle incoming requests
Result Faster, structured delivery of request to helpdesk; convenience and faster servers for users
Process Fully functional prototype was built in Axure


Project folder management tool

Context Everyone had access to ALL projects, including personal data, huge security/GDPR compliance risk
Action Gathered requirements from stakeholders, designed and built project folder management tool
Result Mitigated security/GDPR risk; easy to use centralized solution with additional insights in personal data presence
Process Fully functional prototype was built in Axure; Developed with PHP, MySQL + Powershell / AD integration.


Data visualization dashboard

Context A dashboard was needed for a new market research solution proof of concept
Action Worked with the stakeholder to elicit requirements, designed a dashboard based on the company guidelines
Result The dashboard showed the potential of the concept and the stakeholder was positive about it
Process Dashboard was built in Axure.


Storytelling site and logo design

Context Client had two websites, with inconsistent branding and inconvenient navigation
Action Reviewed content, rearranged and integrated content, designed a new site, plus a new logo
Result Integrated website with single, new brand identity; client was very impressed
Process Fully functional prototype for homepage and detailpage was built in Axure.


Platform dashboard

Context Information about size, usage and growth of global market research platform was missing
Action Gathered available data, devised metrics after consulting management, designed and built dashboard, including automatic data retrieval
Result Dashboard provided new and important insights into usage of large clients to senior management
Process Fully functional prototype was built in Axure; solution built with PHP, MySQL/MongoDB, integration with New Relic APM


Service management tools

Context Users and team members were missing essential tools to find information or execute actions on market research platform
Action Over time, built 30+ tools for monitoring operations and errors, finding data, querying databases and various reports
Result Improved productivity of my team and platform users, sped up investigations of problems, provided new insights in usage/error patterns
Process Most tools were built out of my own initiative, some in collaboration with users or stakeholders. Built with PHP, MySQL, MongoDB.


Time tracking solution

Context Existing time tracking tool was very user-unfriendly and employees didn't register hours accurately because of it
Action Conducted user research, collaborated with management, designed and built web-based time tracking tool, integrated with backend
Result Employees registered hours more frequently and accurately due to new tool, management gained more insight and saved time
Process Fully functional prototype was built in Axure; tool built with PHP, MySQL.


Internship management solution

Context The Dutch Royal Navy was inefficiently dealing with internship information, using an email-based workflow
Action On my initiative, conducted user research, collaborated with stakeholders, designed and built a tool to manage internship information, integrated with recruitment site
Result Integrated, centralized and easy to use workflow, saving time and preventing problems for the Navy and its interns
Process Fully functional prototype was built in Axure; tool built in PHP, MySQL


Rental car reservation form

Context Old reservation form was not easy to use, potentially reducing sales
Action Gathered requirements from stakeholders, completely redesigned multi-step vehicle reservation form and built the new version
Result Easier to use, visually more appealing reservation form reduced reservation time for users
Process Built form in iterations, in close collaboration with stakeholders, using PHP, MySQL


Traffic school website

Context Old website of motorcycle traffic school was outdated, making it less convincing and attractive, suffering in search engine results
Action Worked in close collaboration with owner, designed new logo, designed and developed new site, wrote large parts of content
Result Appealing new website provides information faster, clear brand identity, new photo functionality provides testimonials
Process Development of Wordpress site with custom theme and Facebook integration.


Stock Insights tool

Context I had no insights in performance of my stock portfolio, was missing metrics in existing tools
Action Built a custom tool to automatically gather data, manually record transactions and dividends, and calculate all relevant metrics
Result Tool provides key metrics and trend insights in one convenient page; much easier to track portfolio performance. Integration with personal finance tool saves time.
Process Built in PHP, MySQL, integration with external API stock prices.


Entertainment site design

Context I wanted to set up an news/entertainment website.
Action Designed and built a site, with layout for various types of content and extensive cross-content navigation, with Google Adsense and social media integration
Result Complete site with clear content presentation, smart navigation to persuade visitors to read more, and practical integration of ads
Process Website built with Wordpress with custom theme.


Call center staff scheduling

Context Call center management was using messy, paper calendar, causing administrative chaos and scheduling issues
Action Convinced management of new solution, worked with colleagues and management, designed and built web-based tool for both staff and management
Result Massive time savings with insights in scheduled and switched shifts, sickness, and vacations for users and management. Ran for 10 years with <5 bugs.
Process Built in close collaboration with users and management, with elaborate testing. Built in PHP, MySQL.